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Testimonial from Kelsey B.

When I went to the Changed Women’s Retreat, I was just a little over 2 months clean and sober. For years, I struggled with depression and anxiety and turned to drugs and alcohol to solve my problems. I was in an abusive relationship that secluded me from my family. I felt so worthless and alone that I was contemplating suicide. So, I made the decision to get help and to let God into my life. I knew I had to trust Him if I was ever going to find peace.

My sponsor is the person who invited me to the Changed Retreat. When she asked, I said yes because I knew I was going to die if I didn’t do something new. I went with my guard up and my expectations low. But God broke through my walls.

At the retreat, I learned what it really means to have a relationship and fully trust God. I found my confidence in Him. I even made new friends when I thought I wasn’t capable of that. It changed my life and jump started my recovery.

Now, I have a better understanding of who God is and ALL that He has done for me. I completed the 12-step recovery program, and I’m 16 months clean. Without my relationship with God, those steps would have been meaningless for me.

Through the retreat, I was able to experience beauty in something unseen. I’ve come to know what joy feels like, and I know I’m loved unconditionally. I have found my identity in Christ and Christ alone. I love sponsoring other women and sharing my story with them so that they can know God as intimately as I do. None of that would have been possible without Changed.


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