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Testimonial from Katlyn H.

I love God, but I used to be scared to spend time with Him. My biggest struggle was my depression. I had been through so much trauma that I felt like I couldn’t function. I lived in fear every day. I couldn't forgive the people that had hurt me, even though holding onto that hurt was eating me alive. 

At the Changed Women’s Retreat, God revealed to me how He sees me. Before, I felt broken and ugly. But at retreat, He helped me realize I am beautiful and whole. While I always knew that God was merciful and kind, I experienced those qualities in a more intimate way. I learned that He pursues each of His children in different ways and that He is constantly trying to show His love for us. Every single raindrop that falls from the sky overwhelms me now because I know it’s His way of telling me that He sees me. Now that I've been to retreat twice, I feel like I have regained my joy. I recognize when I’m hearing a lie from Satan, and I'm more easily able to combat it. 

Recently at church, the pastor asked us all to think about how we would describe ourselves, and I was shocked with the words that came to my head. Before Changed I would have told you I was broken, used, dirty. This time, I thought, "I was once broken, but I’m now made more beautiful." 

If you are considering going to Changed, I just want to ask you - what's stopping you? Is it work, finances, your kids? Pray about it, and watch God make a way. You may have doubts and fears about it because it's new and different. But if you ask God to meet you there, He will come through and change your entire life like He did mine. It is worth it.

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