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Testimonial from Jessica G.

For the last couple of years, I felt like my life was falling apart right in front of my eyes. I’d come to realize that my husband was not the man I thought I’d married. Instead, he was emotionally and mentally abusive. He blew through my savings account, he lied to me constantly, he isolated me from my friends and family, and he used my religion against me. My life felt so out of control that I went to a hormone specialist for help. But they couldn’t give me what I needed. It wasn’t until I attended the Changed Retreat that I discovered what I really needed was healing, deep in my soul.

When I came to the retreat, I felt so ashamed that I had let this man manipulate me. For too long, I had let that shame push me into hiding from the world. I’d listened to the lies that I was worthless and that God could never use me. But in my quiet time, God spoke to me. For probably the first time in my life, I felt like I knew exactly what He was whispering to my heart. He loves me, and He has a purpose for me.

The Changed Retreat truly helped me open my heart to God and what He has planned for me. I’m now consistently serving in my church where I'm able to use my testimony to help others, and I love it. Though we’re no longer together, I’ve forgiven my husband. I’ve found peace in Jesus. I know He is trustworthy and that He will always be there to guide me, just like He did this time. It has been a painful journey, but I would never change what I went through because it allowed me to grow closer to God. I want everyone to experience what I’ve experienced in the love of God.


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