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Do you feel lost?

"How could I be lost when you have called me found?" God often speaks to me through music. One morning when I was feeling particularly down, the song "Fierce" came on the radio. I was busy checking directions, navigating traffic, and trying not to spill my coffee in my lap.

And then the bridge of the song caught my ear: "How can I be lost when you have called me found?"

I realized the reason I was feeling down was because I'd temporarily forgotten the true answer to that question. I can't.

Being a daughter of Christ means I can’t be lost, because He has called me found. I can't think I've been pushed aside, because He says I'm set apart. I can’t think that I’m not enough, because He says I am more than a conqueror. I can’t think that I’m not beautiful, because He says I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I can’t think I’m unworthy of love, because He loved me so much that He came to earth and died on a cross for my sins.

How could I be lost, unwanted, or forever alone? I can't. But we buy into these lies from the enemy all the time. Whether it’s by comparison, negative self talk, or past hurts that we allow to speak into our lives, it’s simply not true!

We know where to find truth. It’s in the Bible (His Word). It’s in the Holy Spirit that He sent to live in us. It’s in the quiet where He whispers to us.

So when you're feeling lost, take a stand. Speak the truth over yourself and remember that you are His. Remember that you couldn't possibly be lost when He's promised to always be right there beside you.

In His love,

Rachel Feuerborn 

Changed Women's Ministry


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