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How to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

As the year winds down, my schedule seems to wind up. There are projects to complete, obligations to fulfill, people that need my attention—not to mention the Christmas presents that must still be bought and wrapped. I have so many plates spinning that I’m sure I’m going to drop and obliterate at least one. I often find myself saying, “I’m overwhelmed.”

I looked up the word and found that overwhelmed means to buried or drowned beneath a huge mass, to be defeated completely, or to be given too much of a thing. Yep, that about sums it up. Sometimes, I can feel like I’m completely defeated and weighed down by the weight of my responsibilities. It feels like way too much for me to handle.

Our gracious and generous God gave us a way out from under the heaviness. God sent His only son Jesus to die for us so that we could be freed from the bondage of our sins, but it’s more than that. He also wants us to share our burdens with Him so we can live a life of freedom here on earth! And in the Bible, He’s given us a roadmap for how to live that life. We’re supposed to give everything that worries or overwhelms us to Jesus and replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.

“Pour out all your worries and stress upon him and leave them there, for he always tenderly cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7 TPT

“So keep your thoughts continually fixed on all that is authentic and real, honorable and admirable, beautiful and respectful, pure and holy, merciful and kind. And fasten your thoughts on every glorious work of God, praising him always.” Philippians 4:8 TPT

We don’t have to be overwhelmed by our circumstances, by what people say about us, or by what’s going on in our world because our God is bigger than our circumstances. He has conquered death and overcome the grave. With His limitless power within us, we can overcome anything—from catty comments to the loss of a loved one.

When you start to feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities, choose to focus on the goodness of God and let yourself be overwhelmed by Him instead. Be overwhelmed by the underserved grace and abundant mercy God gives us. By His love that is reckless, unending, and unconditional. Choose to be overwhelmed by what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable, excellent and praiseworthy.

In His Love,

Rachel Feuerborn

Changed Women's Ministry


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