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Testimonial from Darah H.

I attended my first Changed Women's Retreat in the fall of 2016. My husband encouraged me to go after he experienced Basecamp, a men's retreat put on by True North Ministries. It was also six months after I'd been devastated by his infidelity. For half of a year, I'd been fighting for my marriage. I wrote out prayers and God’s word on enough sticky notes to fill the hallway. I was in counseling and holding on to Jesus with all that I had in me. I was doing everything I knew how to do to heal the pain caused by that trauma. So even though I didn't want to go, I went to the retreat anyway.

My husband never blamed me for his infidelity or tried to make me feel like any of it was my fault. But Satan would tell me lies: "You are replaceable. You aren't skinny enough. He never loved you anyway. You shouldn’t have gotten married. He is going to leave you, and you'll never be ok. You aren't a good mother." And on and on.

At my first retreat, God not only revealed to me that I'd been listening to the enemy's lies, but that I'd actually started to agree with the lies without knowing it. He showed me that without those lies in the way, Jesus could do so much more healing. And little by little, I continued my journey toward healing and freedom.

Two years and four retreats later, it's still a process. There are still challenges. But my husband and I have reconciled and renewed our marriage. I have embraced the truth of what God says about me and have become more aware of the lies that try to infiltrate my mind daily. I'll be enrolling in college for the first time this fall at age 38, and I know the enemy will try to hurl lies of incapability. But because of this retreat, I will be armed and ready!

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