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Start the new "Living Changed: Identity" YouVersion Bible Plan today!

Our ministry is focused on encouraging women to find identity in Christ while embracing forgiveness, purpose, and freedom.

We believe that if women can internalize this message and learn to walk in God’s truth every day, their lives will be better for it. They’ll be better daughters, better sisters, better mothers, better friends, better wives—and ultimately have a stronger, sweeter connection to Jesus than ever before.

However, we know that “living changed” doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process, and that’s ok! To give you support and help you progress along in your journey between our spring and fall retreats, our team has written a new devotional reading plan, Living Changed: Identity. It will help you understand that rooting your identity in Christ gives you freedom from the world’s lies and distractions.

You can find both of our reading plans, Living Changed and Living Changed: Identity, on the YouVersion Bible App. We encourage you to go through them with a group either by using the Bible App’s Plans with Friends feature or our study materials that are available for small group leaders. Just email us for a copy of the small group leader guide. We pray God will use these tools to do a powerful work in and through you. 

Start the new reading plan today, and start living changed!

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